Along the south shore of Lake Michigan, at the crossroads of America, a globally rare environment collided with the industrial giants that built our nation. This collision, over a century-old, gave rise to some of the most influential environmental conflicts of the 20th century, and became a microcosm for one of the most pressing issues of our time: sustainability.  How do we maintain our way of life without destroying the natural world on which we all depend?

Shifting Sands: On the Path to Sustainability tells the story of how one region, where rare plants grow in the shadows of smokestacks, sparked a movement for a national park; a movement which eventually led to game-changing environmental policies with worldwide impact and unique partnerships on the path to a more sustainable world.




“A Game-Changing Film”
– John Davies, The Society of Innovators

 “I think it’s a microcosm of the struggles we face on global scale to maintain our way of life without destroying the basis on which we all depend.”
Sir Peter Crane, Yale School of Forestry

“Brick to the Head” film of the amazing changes that have transformed the environment and improved our quality of life. Bravo!”
– Paul Labovitz – National Park Service

 “Shifting Sands is filled with Faith and Hope”
– Dale Bowman ‘Chicago Sun-Times